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  • I’m trying to pack lighter as a makeup artist and came across this great video! It’s really help condense my kit! Questions: can you make a video addressing somethings? Like typically how long should it take you to do a full face? Or what if you have multiple models/clients how long should each one take without taking away from the look?! What about a sanitation essentials kit?! I’ve run across some artists that don’t even have one or know what to put in it? An updated video on how to properly sanitize your kit: foundations, eyeshadows etc.. I would love to know more from your perspective! Thanks!! :)

    ashlyannn - 3 days ago

  • ...and NO brushes?!

    iMarco1982 - 1 week ago

  • RCMA foundation it good for dry, mature skin types?

    Ona aa - 3 weeks ago

  • Wayne, I love your videos. They are so helpful. I have droopy hooded eyes and your instruction works for me. Finally found you. Huuuuge thank you. Btw, you keep saying you’re old. Try being 52 lol

    Btw, and I know this is a big ask, could you one day do an instruction for old skin face shaping and colours to use. My colouring is a nightmare. I have dark hair, dark eyebrows, very pale skin that doesn’t tan, with a million freckles and grey/green eyes, I always end up looking orange and 80 lol.

    Thank you again and keep doing what you’re doing 😁

    Melanie Harvie - 1 month ago

  • perfect Kit !!!!! I learned after Five years that , we mostly use only specific product and their is no need to carry tons of things in makeup kit. Have a question? I love RCMA Foundation and I have all the shades/palettes they have to offer but somehow , always skeptical carrying only them and most of time find it easier to use my liquid foundations. So do you use RCMA foundation for all client with any skin condition and also for any event from wedding to photoshoot to basic parties? does that suits every one? It would make my life crazy easy , as I tend to spend so much time figuring out which foundation for which client. If this is all in one , then BINGO......

    harini jhaveri - 1 month ago

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