The story of Rooibos – the production process

- September 21, 2018



Shows the stages of producing Rooibos tea from the planting of seeds to harvesting, the processing of the cuttings and finally the packing and distribution of this extraordinary product. Running time: 4min 15sec

Rooibos is fermented and dried in sunlight, on large concrete drying floors. These floors are protected from sand and dust blowing in by raised sides and, in many instances, wind screens. The Rooibos is then transported to the processing facility, where it undergoes a sifting process to remove any foreign material. The processed final product is then steam sterilised. A comprehensive quality control system is also in place, with several tests (including by independent laboratory), to ensure that the Rooibos you receive is of the highest quality.

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  • Just moved away from coffee and caffeine. Peppermint and Rooibos teas are the best replacement, awesome with just a dash of milk.:D Thanks for making such a great tasting tea !

    James Niland. - 3 months ago

  • Are there any side effects or dangers with this tea? Or is it completely 100% safe?

    J3nny - 5 months ago

  • Xfa donde se consigue este te aqui en ecuador

    Valeria Romero - 12 months ago

  • whe have a rooibos tee farm nearby clainwiliam

    louw steenkamp - 12 months ago

  • Just tried Nerada Rooibos & Vanilla flavour upon a neighbours recommendation. I like my (black) tea with one sugar and a dash of milk so after trying it by itself did the same as usual and it is very palatable and I would probably buy it now. It has a lovely smell, very appealing to any nose and reminds me of scented candles (without the sometimes overpowering affect).
    I have just googled it and have found it to be quite interesting i.e. it's a red tea, it's a plant that is hardy and easily grown and needs no irrigation during growth (starts to grow after first rainfall though). Grown from the rich soil from the Cederberg Mts - tailor made for today's active lifestyle. Rooibos.....nectar of nature!!!!! I sound like and ad don't I!!! All the best from Qld Down Under.

    DFM DFM - 13 months ago

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