- September 21, 2018



Hey babes! How yew doooin?? Hope you enjoyed this video testing out the new Kylie Cosmetics Birthday Collection!! What did you guys think? Will you be purchasing anything? Leave me a comment down below & make sure to subscribe xo!

**i went out and bought these products, this is not a sponsored video**
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  • hey babes I'm so sorry I was sweating so much during this video lmao, I feel so gross looking back at it ahhh lolol!!! I'm working on my air conditioner situation so please bare with me!

    Nicol Concilio - 2 months ago

  • Im gunna start with the eyeshadow palette cuz that's what everybody's excited about, thats what im excited about

    Denise Bullerwell - 0 days ago

  • love the look!

    Caitlyn O'Conner - 1 days ago

  • Just found you love this look. I’m not afraid of pink but I may use that inner corner tip! I was impressed with that pallet

    Laura Bevan - 5 days ago

  • Assistant? Lol girl, come on...

    Meghann Brady - 5 days ago

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