Rooibos Tea – Doctor Oz

- September 21, 2018



Dr Oz talks about the benefits of Red Rooibus Tea.

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  • Wonderful video! I drink Rooibos daily. With my heart rhythm issues, it is a very safe alternative to coffee.

    janco vorster - 1 month ago

  • Its Roybus tea not Robyoos or Robust

    Carlo lapuz - 1 month ago

  • Rooibos tea is GREAT! People have talked about green tea for so long and never considered that this red tea was just as good for you, and it tastes better. I encourage anyone who's considering getting some to take a look at this article to see all the benefits of this great tea.

    Ryan Moye - 3 months ago

  • The Red Tea Detox is the breakthrough many people who have been struggling to lose fat have been waiting for.

    Best of all, it helps eliminate harmful fat by working with your body's natural fat-burning metabolism and doing it all without you feeling any cravings or being hungry!

    Imagine feeling good and living your life without obsessing about every single calorie you eat, all while knowing your health could be protected by one of the most powerful natural healing teas ever discovered.

    Finnaly ! Get it here:

    Viralocity - 3 months ago

  • Amazing video on the beneficial attributes of Red Tea! I enjoyed the content and found the material very valuable. I included your video in my lates blog post on the benefits of Red Tea as a delicious and healthy beverage alternative.

    Bobby Amagan - 4 months ago

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