Rooibos Tea – Doctor Oz

- September 21, 2018



Dr Oz talks about the benefits of Red Rooibus Tea.

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  • Amazing video on the beneficial attributes of Red Tea! I enjoyed the content and found the material very valuable. I included your video in my lates blog post on the benefits of Red Tea as a delicious and healthy beverage alternative.

    Bobby Amagan - 5 days ago

  • There is an amazing weight loss program called Red Tea Detox that incorporates Rooibus Tea. I have created a website where you can learn everything about it so please check it out!

    Taimu Tomita - 1 week ago

  • Row-bows...Row-bee-ohs...
    Stop. You just killed my auntie with that pronunciation. Twice.

    Laughter&Nature - 1 month ago

  • I have drank African tea for the past year and feel AWESOME! Dr. Oz ain't lying about it. Usually i'm reluctant in believing what works but I tried African red tea out after seeing all the reviews and it makes me feel less bloated. I really encourage ya'll to try it out! Please write back to me about your thoughts!! This is where I bought it:

    missmarcela - 2 months ago

  • I was thinking this might be good to help reduce my appitite. But now that Oz is talking about it I know its fake. Dam.

    Bark5ley X - 2 months ago

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