*NEW* Cosmetics! Para Bellum Alpha Pack Opening! – Rainbow Six: Siege

- September 21, 2018



There may be hiding some NEW legendaries in the Alpha Packs!
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This is me doing a little Alpha Pack Opening on the Para Bellum patch in Rainbow Six Siege!

Leak video: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjBXFx8CkDA

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🎵 Music:
Magnus Ringblom – Italian Outdoor Cafes 3
Martin Carlberg – Gypsy Guitar Swing 1
Johannes Bornlöf – The Division 3
Crash Twinsanity OST – Slip Slide Icecapades
Magnus Ringblom – German Tivoli
Magnus Ringblom – South German Border
Halo OST – Main Theme
Niklas Ahlström – New York Chase 2
Cuphead OST – Botanic Panic
Jonas Elander – Happy Bluegrass 3
Gunnar Johnsén – Walking The Cat 1
Mattia Cupelli – Sad Piano Music

🎵 Outro: Noisestorm – Crab Rave

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Youtube: https://bit.ly/1rVOFgl
Twitter: https://twitter.com/NoisestormMusic
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Production Music courtesy of Epidemic Sound: http://www.epidemicsound.com

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  • Hope you enjoyed this one! Leave a LIKE-rino if you did!
    Also check out all of the leaked skins here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZjBXFx8CkDA

    BikiniBodhi - 12 months ago

  • I'm from Brasil bikini huehuehuehue

    hi :3 - 1 week ago

  • June 8th, 2019.
    Exactly 365 days late.

    Derplord - 1 week ago

  • the first alpha pack I opened it was plasma pink and I did not know it was rare

    Gregory Kimatian - 1 week ago

  • 37k renown
    New op
    More packs
    "We need 10 minutes"

    Ghoul King - 1 week ago

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