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- September 21, 2018



So im a little upset cause now i go online to look for the kit for you guys if you were interested in the kit or just one piece out of the kit. But now it shows its cheaper than what i bought it for like last week what a bummer, but i hope this video was helpful.
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It cosmetics kit :

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  • ROFLMAO!!! Oompa Loompa was the exact term I used when I used that powder. I think the best thing in the kit was the brush. I used the blush/highlighter palette as eyeshadow

    Elissa S - 8 months ago

  • I love their products! A bit pricey, but worth it!

    Cheryl Downs - 22 months ago

  • Yah ur eyebrows do look good but u can do them a little lighter and u don't need any make up because ur pretty just the way u are girl don't mess up ur skin.

    Cherry Blossom - 24 months ago

  • Girl, can you like be my best friend please?! I LOVED THIS VIDEO !!! My heart like the word needs more people like you! No, never mind cause you are unique and I need a best friend !!! LOL If I could give this video 1,000 likes I would!!!

    Brii Trigueiro - 25 months ago

  • did you order light,medium ir tan???

    Twyla Clark - 26 months ago

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