Irish People Try Tea From Around The World

- September 21, 2018



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  • Bae is hot

    Thufir - 4 days ago

  • MASALA TEA?!?!?!

    Mike Panick - 6 days ago

  • i've had holy water too. though different reason my classmates thought i was evil so they borrowed some and replaced my water with it and drew crosses on the water bottle and waited to see what would happen if i drank it. i just looked at them and went what I'm thirsty when they stared at me like they thought i would set on fire.

    Robert Jensen - 1 week ago

  • lmao......i was just thinking could see ryan wince to say it was good.

    lester mckee - 1 week ago

  • Matcha; celery & spinach with old lawn clippings.
    London Fog - Earl Grey LOL

    stedgar369 - 2 weeks ago

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