Cosmetology School Makeup Kit Haul – MUD Cosmetics | Kelsea Marie

- September 21, 2018



In this video I am doing a makeup artist kit haul. I am showcasing all of the MUD Cosmetics products that I received in my makeup kit from cosmetology school and doing a review on this kit.

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  • Kryolan is quite excellent for shadows, their pigments are incredible.

    M.Elisa & Co. Est. 1979 - 12 months ago

  • You CAN actually buy a kit without verifying credentials. I just purchased this kit:

    M.Elisa & Co. Est. 1979 - 12 months ago

  • What makeup school you went to again I been looking into it school?

    Jessica Clemons - 14 months ago

  • How was your experience with Beau Monde Academy? Would you recommend that school?

    Ashley Faith - 15 months ago

  • I went to the open house at Beau Monde yesterday at the Lloyd location and was looking up a Mud makeup video exactly for that purpose right on

    Frances Kosarich - 16 months ago

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