Blush School of Makeup: Starter Kit (Ft. Pigment Cosmetics)

- September 21, 2018




Don’t forget to watch in 720 p, I gotchu 😉

All the products in this video were purchased by me (through the Blush School of Makeup), I was not paid or sponsored to make this video, I simply wanted to provide information for those considering the school and wondering what the Pigment brand was like.

Music –
Snakehips (It’s too late) :
Robotaki (Lointain) :

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I am not the owner of this music, I simply wish to support the artists. If you are the owner and would like me to remove the video, I will oblige.

Comments (11)

  • did you find a career after you were done?

    russiangirl61872 - 30 months ago

  • hi there im just wondering how you doin now after finishing the course at blush school. are you now doin it professionally? is it worthit to go to blush and pay hecka amount of money for 21 weeks or so? coz im thinking of goin to that school and try it out but i dont wana waste money if im not be able to get a job as an artist.

    Riza Abongan-Covita - 37 months ago

  • Thank you for sharing your thoughts on Blush/Pigment Cosmetics. I am considering taking the building blocks course and I can't find any videos except for yours, however this was very helpful. Would you recommend this school? Also is the makeup long lasting?

    Hope to hear from you soon!


    Carina Pena - 53 months ago

  • look good 

    nina trinh - 55 months ago

  • Hey I have a ?? About the school

    KathyKösmetikos - 58 months ago

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